This is more than just another social media app.


It is where we come to heal.

This is where we encounter miracles.

This is a place where it’s safe enough to speak your truth...


We are not here to be entertained and then return to the reality of our pain. We are equipping each other with the tools we need for healing. 

The Sanctuary is the first-and-only social media network of its kind. We are devoted to growing in deeper intimacy with God, and greater mastery of self. 

In a digital world filled with DISTRACTION, deception, and chaos, we find our calling, comfort, and peace in building authentic connections with like-minded believers.

This is where we come to advance every area of our lives. We’re experiencing growth, revelation, and blessings at an accelerated rate. 


Together, in unity, one heart, and one mind we’re rapidly expanding in knowledge and becoming who God destined us to be.

In The Sanctuary, we’re empowering each other with wisdom and growing daily in worthiness, confidence, and CLARITY. We are no longer shrinking, hiding, or compromising our voice to fit the culture. We are boldly creating Heaven’s culture on earth.

Whether we are browsing one of our virtual growth and learning rooms, being guided by expert biblical teachers, prophetic voices, and mentors, hanging out on our connection page expressing your truth, or connecting in “real-life” via our Sanctuary circle communities...We’re receiving guidance to help us prosper in our calling and reclaim our true authority and identity in Jesus Christ.

God created us to connect with one other. We’re deepening those connections with our Sanctuary Circles where we are activating and living out our purpose together in well-nurtured groups where nobody is lost, unheard, unseen, or forgotten.


We are a well-nurtured and connected Kingdom-centric community of warmth and generosity. 


We are unapologetic about who we are as Believers.  


The Revival is online. Together, we will witness the glory and outpouring of God’s Spirit like no one has ever seen in this lifetime. We don’t want you to miss it!